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Here’s another #FBF to Bid Day last year when @ketura_burstyn took this pic of me and the other Alpha Gams right before the new littles arrived! Just wanna wish everyone in ΑΓΔ and the other Panhellenic sororities good luck during formal recruitment this weekend!!! (Some of the people in this pic: @kristen_hernandez @laurendcarroll @kelso_92 @sarrbearr11 @sbenavidezz @sarah_kirkwood @kenziellis @yass_sepidnameh @hellomadii @courtficken @angiemurphh @rileynicolejohnson @cmkobierski @manderssssss @bruki_ @chloehoff @gillainevinh @fifi408 @sarashantz @xeeeeeeen @molly_lizbeth @lindseyjeann @miyagentt @jizzbel @erinpreston) #agd #alphagam #sfsu #sfsubidday #alphagammadelta #twitpics #greeklife #bidday #bidday2013 #flashback #flashbackfriday #Panhellenic #sororitybidday


Bionicle 2015 Set Images Leaked!

Today, we’ve got some fantastic news for you, as the Bionicle 2015 set images have indeed been leaked online! As they bear a “Confidentiality” mark, we cannot feature them within the article, but there is a link to an album below!

Found by our very own Mesonak, the images seem to have been made prior to the display and are very preliminary. They are, however, of decently high resolution for all of the 2015 sets, Defenders and Masters alike. They also notably bear the Kanohi Ignika (the Mask of Life) in the upper right of the packaging, the question remains to be seen if it is just a placeholder for the newly revealed mask, or if the Ignika will see a reveal later this year. Also, the Lord of Skull Spider’s box has a label to the right side that says Skull Kraata, hearkening back to the creatures that controlled the Rahkshi in 2003. It also appears that Onua’s set might indeed include a gear system.

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Let me tell you something about those people. How much money did ‘Transformers 4′ make? Exactly. Those people can complain. They all go to the theater. They’re gonna love it and if they don’t love it, they can f–k off. And that’s the end of that.
Megan Fox
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